Thursday, July 8, 2010

A nswe r s?

Damien was a little lamb
His heart as pure as snow
But everywhere that Damien went
A demon came in tow

Behold the mirror's truth

A doctor, clipboard in hand, came before his patient. "It seems quite clear you're making little progress," He said, pen tapping lightly against the back of the board. "No matter what I do, it's as if you simply refuse to partake in reality. As such, I believe our only choice is to permanently sequester you from society."

Laughing madly through torn lips, the patient bounced about his cell. Words flowed from his deranged mouth like water carrying refuse downstream, "Idon'tmakesenseyoudon'tmakesense.thisworld doesn't make sense. all makessense to me. al of it. every bit. maybeyou'refractured. maybe i should be studyingu? yeahyeahYEAH.everyoneelseshould be in this place andIshould be the1inCHARGE!"

Running a hand wearily through his hair, the doctor simply shook his head sadly. On his papers, he signed an official form to recommend his patient for lifelong removal from society. With one last look at the mad man who was now running about his room in a circle, babbling about wanting to rule the world, he turned to leave.


The doctor paused, carefully controlling his anger before continuing his walk down that long hallway.


Letting loose a primal scream, the doctor turned, running back to his assignment's cell. Flinging the door open, he grabbed the collar of the patient's straight jacket. As he rammed the man against the padded wall, his face contorted with rage, the doctor bellowed, "How did you know?!"

"Told you you're the one who should be in here!" A maniacal laugh filled the room, cut short as the doctor released his rage. His fist flew through the air, crashing into his patient's face.

And the mirror shattered. The doctor saw himself in its broken remains, bound like his patient, rocking back and forth on his bathroom floor. Finally, he understood.