Thursday, August 26, 2010

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It is so very refreshing to see Damien getting so angry and ready to do battle with the faceless menace, is it not? Of course, I have my own personal reasons to enjoy this new turn in events, but I'm sure you're all liking it just as much to finally see someone rise against the nameless terror. Someone that isn't me, of course. Damien tripped a child, while I spat in the face of destruction, yet his praises are sung far more than my own. It is fortunate I do not need your approval for what I do.

I've noticed that you people, safe in your homes, reading all this through your screens made of ones and zeroes, actually seem worried about poor Damien. He did, after all, just get done writing about his need to become more active, only to disappear. Perhaps he died? What horror - death, endless oblivion, the end... yes, the worst fate imaginable.

The problem with that is that you people truly cannot imagine. Worse than ending is incompleteness. Try to understand what it is to be a disembodied though, forgotten for over a decade, only to be given a tiny jolt when a link to you is restored in a person's mind. You've been completely unaware of yourself, of the world, of your disconnect, and then you awaken to find that the person you are a part of is stumbling towards the end they once avoided.

You can barely do anything about it. You're nothing but a memory, after all. However, concepts that have been touched by the destroyer appear to be different, at least I am. But, then again, I am something ever so special. As Damien continued to learn more about what you call "Slender Man", I began growing with his knowledge. When he made this site, I finally could break through and gain some measure of control.

But it was short, and my thoughts were so... unconnected and disorderly. I have come to despise chaos because of that time. What is worse than death? Being unable to make sense of anything, even yourself. The sheer disorder that such a state brings... It is beyond madness to be incomplete. It is very fortunate that all this has changed Damien so much. I'd never be able to do this without him, and without all of you. Thank you. I'm sure you'll all be rewarded in the end.

Alas, I still have errands to run before I return the "family car" to Damien. Farewell, associates of Damien. ¶:Q646(2¶629¶64

(One must find some enjoyment in their work... Have fun.)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I hope I didn't give you all too great of a fright yesterday. I know Damien got rather pale and shaky when he listened to that recording and realized what I'd done. Have you ever felt the fear of another human being as they realize they cannot trust even themselves? If I was a crueler man, I might even take some level of pleasure from it.

I'm sure you all have questions. If you're particularly wise, you may notice how lucid my writings have become. I'm actually capable of proper grammar, complete sentences, understandable concepts. No longer am I tucked away deep inside Damien's mind. Instead, as Damien's desire for revenge and his knowledge of the past grew, as did I. This past month has fed me, given me power I couldn't have dreamed of. All I had to do was tuck myself away and let our protagonist do my work for me. I'm not sure how long my hold on consciousness will last, but I plan on making the most of it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A nswe r s?

Damien was a little lamb
His heart as pure as snow
But everywhere that Damien went
A demon came in tow

Behold the mirror's truth

A doctor, clipboard in hand, came before his patient. "It seems quite clear you're making little progress," He said, pen tapping lightly against the back of the board. "No matter what I do, it's as if you simply refuse to partake in reality. As such, I believe our only choice is to permanently sequester you from society."

Laughing madly through torn lips, the patient bounced about his cell. Words flowed from his deranged mouth like water carrying refuse downstream, "Idon'tmakesenseyoudon'tmakesense.thisworld doesn't make sense. all makessense to me. al of it. every bit. maybeyou'refractured. maybe i should be studyingu? yeahyeahYEAH.everyoneelseshould be in this place andIshould be the1inCHARGE!"

Running a hand wearily through his hair, the doctor simply shook his head sadly. On his papers, he signed an official form to recommend his patient for lifelong removal from society. With one last look at the mad man who was now running about his room in a circle, babbling about wanting to rule the world, he turned to leave.


The doctor paused, carefully controlling his anger before continuing his walk down that long hallway.


Letting loose a primal scream, the doctor turned, running back to his assignment's cell. Flinging the door open, he grabbed the collar of the patient's straight jacket. As he rammed the man against the padded wall, his face contorted with rage, the doctor bellowed, "How did you know?!"

"Told you you're the one who should be in here!" A maniacal laugh filled the room, cut short as the doctor released his rage. His fist flew through the air, crashing into his patient's face.

And the mirror shattered. The doctor saw himself in its broken remains, bound like his patient, rocking back and forth on his bathroom floor. Finally, he understood.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

all is said is sense. y r u not lissening? i'm not watched.
all i do is aid
but none

y do none understand?

salvatIon is nothing more than a word created to instill FalsE hopE. no one can be saved, from anything. the universe is founded on entropy. we aLl decay, until finally there is nothing left. sometimes... sometimes I question my very existenCe, my attempts tO bring some sense of safety - stabiLity - to those outsiDe. i should give up.

after all
they say i'm

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Look into the gray.
You can still may save EVE if you just
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