Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Distorted Reality

Been on edge the past few days. I keep dreaming about them. Over and over. I dread every night, because that's when they visit me. I'm still scribbling down weird things when I'm not paying any attention. Just meaningless words: "He sings" "She kills" "They come" "Burn". I've drawn him so many times now. I have pages with the Operator symbol on them.

And yesterday, it progressed beyond my own dreams and drawings, or so I believe. I was listening to music, when I could've sworn I heard a beeping beneath it all. Slow, rhythmic, repeating through every song...

short long short pause short pause long pause short short long pause short short short pause long long long pause short short long pause long

What scares me most, is I can still here it whenever I'm somewhere completely silent. Over and over again. The same noise ringing in my ears. I don't understand. I want this to stop... I want it all to just stop...


  1. As you might have guessed, that beeping is morse code. When I attempted to decode it, it came out as RETUSOUT. This could be that you misheard it, as L is short long short short, meaning it could be LETUSOUT or LET US OUT. What kind of music were you listening to? Was it electronic stuff, indie, metal?